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Klinklang go the Chains

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial0
  1. Cambio de Marcha
  2. Rueda Doble
  3. Retroceso
  4. Voltio Cruel o Sustituto

This is pretty much the one and only set you will ever see Klinklang run, if for no other reason than the fact that it really doesn’t have any other viable moves. That said, it’s decent with what it’s got. Shift Gear is the crux of this set, giving it +2 Speed and +1 Attack in a single turn, meaning it’s ready to sweep after a boost, and hard to revenge kill at that. Gear Grind is its STAB attack, and it’s a pretty decent one at that; hitting with base 100 power is not bad, and given it’s a two-hit attack, users of Sturdy, Focus Sash, or Substitute are not safe from it either. Just watch out for the 85% accuracy; it fails about as often as Fire Blast would. Return’s decent neutral coverage lets it hit several of the Water, Electric, and Fire types that resist Klinklang’s STAB. Wild Charge is the only thing that hits Steel types (at least ones not named Steelix, Ferrothorn, or Magnezone) for neutral damage, in addition to hitting a few water and certain flying types a bit harder. Substitute can also be considered over Wild Charge in order to ward off status, meaning things like stray Scald burns, Prankster Thunder Wave from Thundurus or Klefki and Prankster Will-o-Wisp from Sableye aren’t going to stop your sweeps. Substitute's also a nice buffer against being revenge killed, as well. That said though, without Wild Charge, the list of things that walls you go up, so it depends on whether being walled or being hit by status is a bigger concern for you. Do note that if you opt for Substitute, you’re usually better off replacing Life Orb for Leftovers since the combination of Substitute+Life Orb recoil will wear Klinklang down quickly. However, the lower damage output turns some 1HKOs into 2HKOs, 2HKOs into 3HKOs, and so on, so it needs a bit more team support to wear things down before you sweep.

The nature, EV Spread, and Life Orb are to maximize Klinklang’s attack; even at +1, Klinklang’s attack is not that impressive compared to a lot of standards. As such, Adamant Nature, and max attack EV investment are meant to get the most out of the damage you deal, and Life Orb will push your damage even further, even with the recoil. The given speed EVs allow you to outspeed up to +1 base 110 speed positive natured Pokemon after a Shift Gear, which means you’ll outspeed every relevant Choice Scarf user. However, it’s also viable to opt for less speed as well if you’re not concerned about Scarfed Base 110’s, such as Latios, Tauros, or Archeops. Below are the benchmarks for how many EVs you need to outspeed Scarfed threats that may try to revenge kill your Klinklang.

188 EVs - Scarfed Base 110 (Latios, Tauros, Archeops)
184 EVs - Scarfed Base 109 (Durant)
176 EVs - Scarfed Base 108 (Terrakion, Infernape)
164 EVs - Scarfed Base 106 (Pyroar)
156 EVs - Scarfed Base 105 (Mienshao)
136 EVs - Scarfed Base 102 (Garchomp)
124 EVs - Scarfed Base 100 (Flygon, Slaking, Jirachi, Staraptor, etc.)

Naturally, the rest of what you don’t put in Speed gets put into HP. Going for the full 252 Speed EVs is an option, but in general Klinklang is going to be using Shift Gear ASAP since its attack is pretty underwhelming without a boost. The important thing about using Klinklang is switching into something you know you’ll force out, giving you a free turn to boost. An unboosted Klinklang is a threat to no one, so you may find the full 252 Speed EVs to be a waste since once you’ve boosted, it’ll be overkill.

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