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Anti Delanteros

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial252
Defensa Especial0
  1. Hidrobomba / Surf
  2. Aqua Jet
  3. Rayo Hielo / Poder Oculto Eléctrico ó Fuego
  4. Hierba Lazo / Poder Oculto Eléctrico ó Fuego

Had you ever seen this set in a GBU Single battle? Probably no, because of the low usage Empoleon gets.
Despite being the Tank it is, this set focuses on a fast offense, not on taking hits.
The choice between Hydro Pump and Surf is the classic argument between Accuracy and Power. Surf is 100% accurate, but Hydro Pump is 25 points stronger, but with 20% less Acc.
Aqua Jet is needed for taking out weakened and Activated-Sash ones.
The last two moves are for rounding coverage. HP Elec hits Gyarados and Vaporeon harder than Grass Knot. HP Fire hits Ferrothorn. Ice Beam hits Dragons, and Grass Knot hits Bulky Waters.

Mild/Rash Nature helps with Sash activation, which in turn will activate Torrent, allowing for overpowered water moves.
108 Speed EV's outspeed Min. Speed Base 70's, like Metagross and Politoed. 252 in Sp. Atk is to hit the hardest possible, and the rest goes in Atk to power Aqua Jet up.

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