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Zygarde firme

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
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  1. Danza Dragón
  2. Enfado
  3. Terremoto
  4. Velocidad Extrema


Probably Zygarde’s simplest set, but it’s the one I’ve had the best results with. Zygarde is a solid Pokémon that switches in easily, and it’s quite threatening even after one Dragon Dance. Skarmory and Bronzong are hard counters, so you should do your best to get rid of them early on; once they’re down, there’s really not a lot of stuff that can stop your rampage since you’ve boosted your speed and you’re so bulky that most really fast pokes/priority attacks can’t score a KO.

It’s pretty hard to pick the item that works best. In the end, I settled on Lum Berry, which has a lovely double usage; it snaps Zygarde out of its own Outrage confusion when you’re sweeping, but it also gives you some extra opportunities to setup. A lot of people will try and burn you; if you’re wily, you can wangle this into an extra Dragon Dance boost that can win you the game.

There are a lot of other item options, of course. Yache Berry probably isn’t worth it since Mamoswine and Cloyster won’t KO you with Ice Shard anyway but they’ll still KO you with Icicle Spear and no-one uses bulky waters anymore (Gastrodon sucks imo). Haban Berry can make it difficult to revenge kill Zygarde with Scarfed dragons (Latios, Garchomp, etc.) in situations where you can’t go MAXIMUM GREED and sneak two Dragon Dances. Life Orb makes Zygarde much more powerful though it comes at the expense of your bulk, I haven’t really found it to be as helpful as Lum Berry. Leftovers makes you even tankier and should always be considered. I ran Weakness Policy for a little while since I figured Zygarde was tonk enough to take a single super-effective hit but I didn’t find it that helpful, I’d be interested to hear if other people have better luck.

These EVs hit 244 speed unboosted, so after a single DD you outspeed base 115s (i.e. Starmie). Max attack is obvious, the rest gets poured into making Zygarde even heftier.

There really aren’t a lot of other options this set could use. The only way Zygarde is hitting Skarmory/Zong SE is with Hidden Power [Fire], and that’s far too weak to use. Stone Edge is an OK move that provides decent synergy with Earthquake, but I wouldn’t use it over Extremespeed. Some people prefer using Dragon Claw over Outrage since they hate confusing their own sweepers, but Zygarde doesn’t actually learn Dragon Claw.

Dragonite can run this exact same set, but I feel it doesn’t outclass Zygarde, they’re different Pokémon. Zygarde’s STAB on Earthquake makes it feel stronger than its base 100 attack would suggest, and Zygarde’s Stealth Rock resistance and Thunder Wave immunity makes it a lot easier to switch in and set up. Dragonite is tougher with MultiScale up, true, but if you can’t bring Nite in at 100% (failed spinning, sand, residual damage...whatever) then Zygarde is far tankier. Zygarde’s rock resistance also means that several Pokémon which revenge kill Nite fail to revenge kill Zygarde (such as Terrakion).

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