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Mega Mewtwo Y

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial252
Defensa Especial0
  1. Onda Mental
  2. Mofa / Paz Mental
  3. Llamarada / Onda Certera
  4. Onda Certera / Rayo Hielo / Bola Sombra

Mewtwo's signature move, Psystrike, is its most powerful STAB option and allows it to hit specially defensive opponents very hard. Taunt gives Mewtwo an excellent utility move that prevents foes from using support moves. Mewtwo can instead opt for Calm Mind, which allows it to become far more offensively potent and makes it difficult for special attackers to revenge kill. Fire Blast provides good neutral coverage alongside Psystrike and hits most Steel-types very hard, especially in sunlight. Focus Blast is unaffected by weather and smashes Steel-types as well, while also dealing super effective damage to Dark-types. Ice Beam is super effective against Flying-types, most notably Yveltal, as well as Ground-, Dragon-, and Grass-types. Shadow Ball, on the other hand, provides coverage against Psychic- and Ghost-types, which are some of Mewtwo's best checks. Ice Beam is best paired with Fire Blast for coverage, while Shadow Ball is best paired with Focus Blast.

There are a few other moves that Mewtwo can use on this set. Grass Knot is a powerful coverage option against Ground-, Water-, and Rock-types. With a Hasty nature, Low Kick can be used in place of Focus Blast, as it is far more reliable and still fairly powerful when uninvested. Aura Sphere is also usable, but its average Base Power is disappointing. Recover can be used with Calm Mind to capitalize on Special Defense boosts, though the loss of coverage leaves Mewtwo more easily walled. Fire Blast is the best choice for a coverage move when Recover is used.

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