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Choice Scarf

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial252
Defensa Especial0
  1. Cometa Draco
  2. Pulso Umbrío
  3. Llamarada / Lanzallamas
  4. Pulso Dragón / Ida y Vuelta

Equipping a Choice Scarf allows Hydreigon to bypass the ill effects of its base 98 Speed tier, allowing it to outspeed threats it otherwise wouldn't be able to. Draco Meteor is Hydreigon's strongest STAB move, and even without a boosting item it hits exceptionally hard off a base 125 Special Attack stat. Dark Pulse is Hydreigon's secondary, reliable STAB attack and can be used where Draco Meteor would be unnecessary. Fire Blast is Hydreigon's main way of getting through Steel-types such as Mega Mawile. Flamethrower can be used over Fire Blast, but without a boosting item, it will not do significant damage to its intended targets. Finally, Dragon Pulse can be used along with Dark Pulse, which makes Hydreigon better at cleaning up weakened teams. However, if Dragon Pulse is not needed to clean up teams, then U-turn can be used to switch out of bad situations while chipping away at the opposing Pokemon's health.

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