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Charlotte Coolhorne

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial204
  1. Puño Dinámico
  2. Desarme
  3. Puño Hielo
  4. Puño Bala

Here's the moves: Dynamic Punch is the mandatory butt-buddy STAB for Machamp, hitting stuff hard while the confusion can sometimes mess the foes up. Knock Off is important as it screws ghosts on the switch and can kill weakened bulky Ghosts, while taking their precious Lefties/Choice items away. Ice Punch hits Dragons and Flying types, though don't use it on Weakness Policy Dragonite unless its Multiscale's gone. Thunder Punch could be used over Ice Punch or Bullet Punch for Gyarados, especially Lum Berry ones that can set up on it. Stone Edge can be used over Bullet Punch to hit Charizard and the likes hard, while having a solid crit chance. Bullet Punch offers precious priority which allows it to beat Focus Sash Gengar and Alakazam one-on-one, but its weak power often disappoints.

OK, Machamp can tank special hits all right with that AV, but I'm not saying it's perfect. No matter what it has, it's still going to be outclassed by Conk, who has recovery from Drain Punch and STAB priority, as well as the ability to fully utilize Guts and thus not fearing status; Machamp has no reliable STAB moves, aside from the strongest Close Combat in the game with Guts on (Beats even Mega Lucario on damage!) and even then, the Defense Drops make it undesirable on AV and its other options include the unreliable Cross Chop and the weak Vital Throw.

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