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Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial252
  1. Espacio Raro
  2. Beso Drenaje / Fuerza Lunar
  3. Pulso Cura / Deseo
  4. Anulación / Aromaterapia

What this set aims to do is set up Trick Room and then support its team/annoy the opposing team in various ways afterward. Safety Goggles will make sure Aromatisse isn't taking damage from weather, nor is it being put to sleep from spore or the random Sleep Powder. Leftovers is another option to keep the fairy healthy.

Because the set is specially defensive, Pokemon with Intimidate are welcome partners. Despite Aromatisse being immune to Taunt, I believe it should still carry an attacking move, because nobody wants to be in the position of having a perfectly healthy Aromatisse as their last Pokemon, staring down two very weak opponents without a way to deal damage.

Despite how well it functions in Trick Room, outside of it, Aromatisse will get pummeled very swiftly as base 101/72/89 defenses can only take so many hits.

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