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Competitive Corsola

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial128
  1. Reflejo
  2. Pantalla de Luz
  3. Recuperación
  4. Tóxico

A perfect competitive Corsola is a different pokemon nicknamed Corsola lol. Just kidding but Corsola is pretty bad. If you want one anyways you probably want it to have it's hidden ability Regenerator which restores a 3rd of it's health every time you switch it out. For moves you are probably going to want something like: Reflect, Light Screen, Toxic, Recover. It's going to work best in a support role, 0 IV in speed isn't really that important but theoretically since Corsola is so slow anyways it would help out speed (out slow?) things in Trick Room. If you are running a Trick Room team this is probably important but otherwise it's pretty situational when it will matter. You will probably want it to be Bold or Calm with 252 EVs in HP, 256 between the defenses (not sure what would be the most effective distribution but you could easily due a 252 4 split, there's probably something better though)

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