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Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial0
  1. Acua Jet
  2. Desarme
  3. Martillazo
  4. Danza Espada

Unlike the previous set which aims to break walls, and revenge kill stuff, this set aims to sweep with +2 with a Swords Dance. After a single Swords Dance, Crawdaunt's Aqua Jet becomes insanely powerful, OHKO-ing threats like Gliscor, Lucario and Gengar, and even Garchomp after Spikes. Water + Dark has really good coverage this gen considering the nerf to Steel so it can easily give up a coverage move for Crabhammer AND Aqua Jet, which can practically 2HKO any switch in. Knock Off is always preferred over Crunch because 2 Knock Off is still stronger than 2 Crunches, which should 2HKO whatever needed anyway. Life Orb is the preferred item because it allows you to OHKO standard Ferrothorn at 100% chance. Splash Plate is also viable if you can ensure Spikes up, otherwise Ferrothorn will put a clean stop to your sweeps. The alternate spread also applies to this set if you are not too concerned about Rotom-A and Mega-Venusaur/Mega-Blatoise.

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