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Bulky Special Arcanine

Distribución de EVs
Ataque Especial0
Defensa Especial128
  1. Alarido
  2. Onda ígnea
  3. Refuerzo / Fuego Fatuo / Día Soleado / Velo Sagrado
  4. Sol Matinal

Intimidate covers you physically, while Snarl covers you on the special side. Heatwave is you main STAB to hit both targets, and Morning Sun for healing. The last move can be whatever best supports your team. Helping Hand is probably the most generally useful. Will-o-Wisp allows Arcanine to take hits even better. Sunny Day (with Heat Rock attached) gives Arcanine a way to support the team if you build around it, boosts Morning Sun's healing and Heat Wave's damage, and also allows it to take water attacks much easier, adding to its bulk. Safeguard is probably the least useful, but it has its niche.

Also, it goes without saying, but Protect is viable and pretty much everything in doubles, so that's an option as well if none of the other moves really fit your team for some reason.

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